Sunday, May 5, 2013

Out and About

I thought we'd be getting out there on the trails more regularly this spring, but we really haven't.  Even today it almost didn't work out.  We didn't want to ride inside again, and we figured the surrounding areas would be too wet for our normal working rides, so we planned on an easy trail ride.  But it was sopping.  Muddy B roads and standing water in some of the drainages we like to walk through.

But we still did it.  And it wasn't too bad.  Bear didn't love the B road on the way out, but thankfully it was nice and sunny out and the road was already in better shape when we came back.

We spent most of the ride walking, though we did trot through some fields that were new to me.  Robin had been on them before.  They are nice rolling hills with multiple grassy lanes looping through them. 

They'll be a great place to spend more time moving out.  I was still trying to keep it easy on Bear today.  He was moving pretty good, but when we would stop I think his back was a little fatigued.

We also did some exploring around a pond and a section of woods that leads to our vet's eventing course.  The guys were great poking around all the stuff.  Steen was the funniest.  He was as curious as Laredo is.  Usually he's pretty skeptical, but today he was just relaxed and trying to go check things out. 

The whole ride was fun and relaxing. A perfect Sunday, really.

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