Monday, May 13, 2013

Long Weekend

Robin has some better summaries here and here.  I don't really feel up to writing about all of it.  We are pretty excited to have our new horse, but that first day was really packed.  I was excited Robin had a great ride on her.

Unfortunately, Bear was not doing so great for our ride.  We mostly just tooled around in the indoor.  I had put the snaffle back on because he had a cut under his chin and the knot in the hackamore would aggravate it.  In some ways it was fun to feel the differences of everything in the snaffle v. hackamore.  But it other ways the ride was no fun as Bear was just not himself.

He's actually not been himself, to varying degrees, for a few weeks know.  The biggest indicator of how off he was came when we saw our new horse push him against the fence and kick him multiple times.  Bear is really great in a herd.  He used to be a stallion.  He knows how to move horses and he knows when he should turn and walk away.  But yesterday he was just stuck there as she kicked him over and over again.  He stumbled away, and it was clear he was in a lot of pain.  I felt so bad for him, and there was nothing I could really do.

We did check on him and make sure the wounds were not too bad.  He was bobbing his head and just spacey.  He wouldn't eat, and he was not really worried if other horses would take his food or not.  Our new mare was one of the interested parties, and when I shooed her off, I saw a really big gash in her right hind.

So we had the vet in.  It was a while stitching up the new girl, and we had Bear up, too.  He just hung out while he waited his turn.  When the vet started checking on him he wasn't too concerned.  But then we found out his temperature was 105.  Dangerously high.  So we pumped him full of antibiotics and probiotics and took a blood sample.  But that was all we could do at the time.

This morning I got up early and drove out to the barn to check on him.  It was a cold night, and I found him in the middle of the second pasture, just hanging out.  This worried me initially, but as I walked up I saw him grab a few bites of grass.

He was happy to see me, and I brought him in to give him another dose of probiotics and some of his vitamins.  His appetite was much better.  And I was happy to find his temp was between 100 and 101.  When I put him back he was even moving horses again.  So I felt a lot better.

It is scary to think what might have happened if we didn't get the vet out yesterday.  Maybe he would have been fine.  But maybe things would have gotten really bad.  At the very least we're going to start keeping regular tabs on our guys' temperatures.  It's not like you can feel their foreheads or they can tell you they don't feel well. 

Robin was out again in the evening and Bear continues to act more like himself and his temp is hovering around 100 and 101.  Hopefully that means he's on the road to recovery.

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