Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Keeping Going

The sun is getting stronger and the grasses are slowly coming up.  It is definitely making it a lot easier to get to the barn.

I found Laredo snoozing in the sun.  It took a few smacks of the lead rope on my chinks to get him to wake up, but as soon as he did he came marching right over.

He promptly fell back asleep at the hitching post as I worked to get all the mud and grime out of his coat.  He is by far our dirtiest horse.  I'm hoping it is an age thing he will at least get over it somewhat.

Our ride was a good one.  We started indoors again, and I worked on all the things I've been doing with him.  We did a lot of trotting, bending, loping, stopping, and backing.  It wasn't all great, but he is working harder to pay attention and giving a lot more energy and effort.  We really didn't have anything great or awful on the ride, just some nice practice.

We went outside to work on the strip for a bit.  The footing was surprisingly good, and Laredo seemed happy to be outside.  We mostly continued working on the same things.  His energy was still good, and he really wasn't leaning on the hackamore much at all.  I did have to get him off it a few times, but I'm feeling it better than I used to, and I think it is translating into him doing it less and less.

After trotting some nice circles and figure-eights, I asked him to move into the lope.  I really haven't run with him outside too much.  Last summer and fall we did it quite a bit, but it was always in a straight line.  Today I wanted to start working in some circles.  I didn't have any grand goals other than to just get him into the gait and keep and nice bend.  He picked it up nicely, but it was also the slowest lope I've ever felt on him.  Guess that is better than the alternative.

We finished the ride by going for a stroll down the drainage on onto the second strip.  He was really happy to be walking out.  We encountered three different scary tractors, and he wasn't worried much at all.  The worst one was on the way back.  We turned for home, and to the guys, it might have felt like the tractor was chasing us a little.  His head came up and he started walking fast and dancing around a bit, but I calmed him down very easily and we had an easy walk home.

All in all, it was a really great spring ride.

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