Monday, April 29, 2013

Actually Warm

We were sweating getting the horses ready yesterday.  It felt pretty darn good, though I am somewhat disappointed that we seem to have gone from a late winter into summer.  I like those nice days in the high 60s.  Oh well.

I rode Laredo today.  He was fun and full of energy, but I was somewhat vigilant as he gave Robin a little run for her money the day before.  We started slow and easy and just worked on bends, and after that we did a lot of trotting.

If I gave him chance, he would have bolted for the barn.  That is exactly what I was expecting, though, so as soon as I felt his body tense and surge, we moved into a bend.  The first two times he put some serious effort into it and I wasn't so nice with the pulls.  After that he was really thinking about it and I could be much softer.

This was the bulk of our ride.  We moved in and out of the trot a lot, and when we were in the trot we were working on moving at the rate I wanted us to go.  I can't say Laredo was necessarily into this, but he was getting better and listening and he never got grouchy with me.

After we had been riding for a while we decided to go for a walk out in the big pasture.  It will be closed off soon as the horses will be out there any week, so we figured we should take advantage of the easy access while we can.  Laredo loves going out, and he still gets pretty excited when we're in the big pasture.  But he was also really good, and we even had some nice moving trots with not hint of a desire to pour on more speed.

Working on a few bends while Steen took a bathroom break.
 Coming back to the barn we did a little more trotting.  Again, no desire to run away.  Towards the end of the strip he did start to speed up, but I was able to just pick up on the reins very lightly, and he tucked his head and slowed up.  No bending necessary.

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