Monday, February 11, 2013

Getting Out Early

When we went to bed Saturday night, we knew there was a good chance Sunday would be not so nice.  So I decided to just get up the next morning, have my coffee and breakfast, and then go to the barn.  No matter what.

It was a good thing I made that decision, because otherwise we might have stayed home.  The guys were happy to see us and come inside for a while.  They were completely soaked, and they had a lot of fun running around in the arena before we groomed and tacked them up.

Definitely wet, but not too unhappy.
The ride was pretty nice.  Laredo and I warmed up with some easy walking and trotting and then moved into working on the lope.  I had my spurs on today, but I don't think I used them once.  He was happy to move out for me, and we had some nice upward and downward transitions.  I would have liked to have worked on it more, but we were then joined by another border.  With three horses in the arena it can get a little crowded.

Instead we focused on smaller stuff.  He is getting great at moving his front end or hind over with very little pressure from me.  Here is a not so exciting shot of my moving his hind end to the left. 

Just moving my leg back and rotating my weight onto that hip bone gets him stepping over very nicely.  He is so good at it that it's hard not to do it all the time.

He did continue to have some nose up issues today, but not much.  They mostly happened after the third horse and rider joined us in the arena.  I really changed up what we were doing, and I think he got a little bored with it.  It is always hard to say, but overall, it was a good ride and he is continually adjusting to the hackamore.

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