Thursday, January 10, 2013

Back Indoors

After a long couple weeks of traveling, we felt like lounging in our own house a little bit.  So it was a few days before we got out to the barn to see the guys.  I definitely missed them, but it was also nice to know they were getting some good time off.

Bear was definitely happy to hang out with me again.
We got out on Sunday to meet the farrier, but it turns out none of them needed their feet trimmed.  Again.  I guess something about the weather and walking around on a mixture of frozen ground and ice is keeping their feet from growing.  And we don't mind saving the money.

We let all three guys play around in the indoor arena.  They love getting on some good footing in the winter time.  Steen and Bear also like to roll as soon as they get in.  Laredo wasn't so sure, but once he got his first roll in, he didn't stop for quite a few minutes.

I did a short ride on Bear, and it felt sooo good to be on him after riding a different horse in a very, very small saddle.  Bear was attentive and happy to walk, trot, and lope around.  In winters past he was inclined to get chunky and out of shape, but I've been riding so much more this year that he doesn't seem as inclined to baloon up.

We had another short ride on Wednesday afternoon.  I rode Bear again and Robin rode Laredo.  We did a lot of work on walk/trot transitions and did a few rounds of the routine.  The tricky part with all of these was Bear.  He just wanted to go faster, and if we were trotting he was always wanting to lope. Bear expressing his desire to lope is not something new, but I have never seen him this persistent.  He was very smooth and relaxed when I would let him go, and his action at the trot was also great.  So he must just be feeling good.  I also had no trouble controlling him, and we spent quite a while cooling down at the walk with me steering only with my legs.

And that is all for the year so far.  I know I've got bigger hourly goals for this year, but I never try to push it in the first 6 weeks or so.  It can be hard to get a winter barn pattern going, and I also don't want to burn myself out on indoor rides too much.

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