Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An End and a Beginning

2012 closed with us spending some nice time in Arizona.  People complained about it being a little cold there, but we were comfortable hanging out in t-shirts and working with Jak and Rojo. 

Jak was really the first horse I ever rode, and for a few years I would get out on him for a short trail ride whenever we visited.  On our last few visits I worked a lot with Rojo, so I had not ridden Jak for a couple years  This time I got back to working with him, and we had some fun times together working on groundwork, riding around the property, and going out for an easy trail ride.

Jak is a little guy, and to make him seem even smaller, his saddle is tiny, too.  Not the most comfortable of rides for me, but it gets the job done.

We got back home on January 1st, so Jak was the last horse I rode in 2012.  It turned out to be a really good year of riding for me.  I set out to get 150 hours in the saddle, and  I got that sometime in November.  My total ended up being 162:55.  Not a lot for some people, but enough so that I can feel a pretty big difference from where I was at the year before.  Some of the highlights of 2012:

No falls.  I'm pretty excited about this one.
Going to our second Buck clinic.
Riding and training our 3 year old.
First time riding through a bucking horse (thanks Laredo).
First big trail rides from the barn.
Going to our first Martin Black clinic.
First trail ride we got to haul to.
First time stuck on a galloping horse (thanks again, Laredo).

And there were probably many more, but those are the things that come to mind.  I am hoping 2013 is equally as good.  Once again I've decided to push my hourly ride goal out.  I figure with some work at extending my rides and getting more days where I ride two horses I can hit 200 hours.  Either way, it will be fun trying to get there.

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