Sunday, December 2, 2012

This is December?

It was nearly 70 degrees this afternoon.  I like the 70s, but not in December.  And the horses, with their thick, fluffy coats, really didn't appreciate it. 

We took Bear and Laredo out onto the strip before venturing off into the big pasture.  It was a nice feeling to sit on my own horse again and just know that he wasn't going to run away with me.  Of course, I never thought Laredo would do that, either.  But there you go, that's horses.  Especially young ones.

We marched off into the hills and the guys were lethargic.  I was a little bit, too.  Once we got nice and warmed up, we went to the top of the big flat hill (where I fell off last fall) to do some work.  We don't often work Laredo when we are out and about, so we were curious to see how things would go.

Bear and I just did our own thing, lots of walking up and down hills, exploring the new drainage spots, and getting some trotting in.  I didn't want to work him too hard as he got pretty sweaty just doing that.

Robin stayed up near the top and worked on some simple trotting exercises with Laredo.  He was hot and maybe a little grumpy as he did throw a few tantrums.  Robin gracefully worked through the problems and got him responding nicely.

We explored the far corners of the pasture, took the long way down to the bottom of the strip and then called it a ride. 

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