Monday, November 19, 2012

Young Visitors

A few years ago Robin had our friend Adele out to the barn with her young son, Ben.  They had a great time meeting Steen.  Now Adele has another son, Noah, and is pregnant with a third.  In that time we have gotten two more horses, so they were excited to come out and see everyone.

The boys were very cute in their matching blue fleeces. Ben (almost 4) was a little bit more reserved and quiet around the horses, but his younger brother Noah (just turned 2) couldn't get enough.  He knew from the moment he walked in that he wanted to ride.  We didn't even get started tacking before he asked to ride.  I set him on Bear without a saddle and he couldn't have been happier; he just kept saying "go."

I didn't really want to lead him around like that, so we finished tacking and brought Steen and Bear and the boys into the arena.  I took Noah and Robin took Ben.  Initially we just led them around in the saddles, but then we climbed on because the boys wanted a little more.  I had never ridden with a little one in front of me, but it helped that I had Noah and he wasn't afraid of anything.  He just sat there holding on to my cross over rope strap while I wrapped my right arm around him and held the reins with my left.  Bear was mostly happy to walk around where I asked, but he also tried to go to Adele many times.  He probably assumed he'd get some rest there.  Funny guy.

The boys left with huge smiles on their faces.  I had not thought how fun a barn could be at that age.  In addition to horses they heard the cows, saw tractors, played with blow up balls as big as them, and saw the biggest pile of poop they'd ever seen.  Adele is worried they'll be horse crazy from now on. It seems possible.

Robin and I finished with a short indoor ride.  I felt a little tired and was just walking around mostly, so I was happy when Robin suggested we play a little cow.  In the tight space it was a little tough, but we ended up getting more done than I thought we would.  Bear was feeling great and offered a beautiful lope in both directions.  He was also stopping hard and turning quite fast.  I realized it was the first time I'd asked for these maneuvers with spurs on.  I certainly wasn't digging into him, but if I shook my leg a bit he would hop right across and take off in the other direction.

We did a short cool down and put the guys back in the pasture.  Steen's leg continues to look great, and he is having so much fun riding again (Robin, too).  It will be fun to work with him and get him back in shape as the fall continues.

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