Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hearing Buck In My Head

We continue to watch the 7 Clinics DVDs, and they continue to be wonderful.  It is great that we can latch onto an exercise, see multiple different moments of Buck talking about it along with many people working on it, and then go out and try it ourselves.

Today I spent a while warming Bear up in a circle.  He was happy to see me and responsive to my legs from the beginning, so we were getting some really excellent circles.  But like often happens, Bear was not high in energy and was even losing a bit as I continue to work at the walk and trot in the circle.

Then Robin suggested we work on an exercise we watched the night before.  In order to get life into your horse, Buck would have people stop them, back five steps, and then move out with energy.  They would trot off for a few steps and then the riders would bring to the walk with a soft feel and continue on in an energetic walk.

Robin and I chose a big oval on the strip to ride around and took turns calling out when we should stop, back, and move out.  We wouldn't say everything, the rider would just call out 'back,' but each time I would hear Buck's distinct voice: Stop 'em. Back 'em five steps.  Move 'em out with life.

From the beginning of this exercise Bear took the with life very seriously.  He was springing into a huge, floaty trot each time.  At one point he pushed off so hard his hind slipped and it felt like he was falling out from underneath me.  He quickly recovered and pushed off again like nothing happened. 

I have felt Bear move like this before, but never with such consistency.  It was really surprising to get such fast results. Towards the end of the exercise we just moved out at the trot for a few laps.  Bear was eating up ground, and twice he picked up the lope.  I just got a soft feel and moved back to the trot.  Once I built up all that life I didn't want to squash it.

From there we went on to play a little cow.  Bear stayed light and lively, giving me some very soft and collected lopes, and Laredo continues to improve in all movements the game requires.  Robin even had him loping around us a few times.

We cooled down with a loop around the fields and the second strip.  I continued working on keeping Bear lively.  At this time he was getting tired again, but with a moderate amount of effort, I was able to get his walk much snappier.  His fast walk continued after the ride as I led him to the barn and later out into the pasture.  This is definitely something we will have to continue to work on.

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