Sunday, September 30, 2012

Low on Energy

Normally when one of us rides Laredo for a while, the other one sees some huge improvement when they get to ride him again.  With Steen healing from his leg wound, Robin has spent the last week getting some awesome rides on Laredo.  Today we decided to switch, and I was really looking forward to it.

But this is what I got.

A sleepy and exhausted mount.

OK, I exaggerate a little.  But only a little.  He did not have much life in him.  Walking up hills it felt like he was heaving each foot up the hill.  Whenever we took a break from working on something I'm pretty sure he went to sleep right away.

There was one thing that changed, though.  His softness to the bit.  Despite being super tired, he was still extremely aware of me and the reins.  He could be conked out with his nose almost on the ground, and if I picked up on the reins a little bit he would still give me a soft feel.  If I held a moment longer, he would stay collected and bring his poll up above his whithers.

He maintained the same softness when we were moving, too.  We walked around the fields for a short while, and I could always get him to soften to pressure.  And it was really light pressure.  Things were going so well I could hold it for many steps and he had no problems with it.

With Steen still recovering, Robin will probably be putting a few more rides on him.  Hopefully next time I ride him it will be cooler and I can see what his softness is like coupled with a little more energy.

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