Sunday, August 12, 2012


Today's ride put me at 101 hours for the year.  That is not a lot by many counts, but considering 100 hours was my goal last year and it took me until early December to hit it, I'm feeling pretty good with where I'm at.  The saddle time has really helped me out a lot as I'm continuing to feel more and more comfortable when things aren't going as nicely as they should.  I also feel like I've got better body control in some of the slower and more refined maneuvers.  There is no substitute for time.

But today's trail ride was just so so.  It was one of those rides where I could look back and see how far we've come and how well we are doing but also notice lots of other things that we need to work on.

Our main problem today came when we were trotting on some of the long sections of trail.  I just could not keep Bear from springing forward and dumping around on his front end.  This has not been a problem for many weeks, and when things resurface they always become extra frustrating for me.  Other than frequently taking the slack out of one rein and then later the other to double him and get his weight back on his haunches, I didn't know what to do.  It would work for a few strides, but that was all.

These are such tricky things, too.  I do not feel the need to dictate the way Bear moves at all times, but today I wanted him to be a little more back and supple and with me, as we were riding with a new rider on a young horse that we have never been out with.  Also, Steen was just wound a little tightly this morning.  It was the most antsy he has been in probably over a year.

Those were really the extent of my problems.  Certainly not a big deal, but afterwards I feel a little bad, like I was using the hackamore more than I should have.  Bear seemed fine with it, and he never stopped responding to me.  He just didn't stay in the frame I would have liked him to be in.  He was happy to walk out, not bothered by cars or mini-bull dozers, and he wasn't even all that inclined to push towards home.

I'll probably take a few days off now.  It will be good for Bear, too.  I got a lot of riding in the past four days, and I even broke my rule of not using Bear three days in a row.  So it is possible he was not feeling his best.  It is always hard to say.

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