Monday, July 23, 2012

Tweaking the Trail Ride

On Sunday we got out on the trails as a foursome again.  We only had one of the Icelandics with us, and Gay and Doc came along instead.  We've ridden with them numerous times and it is always fun.  On Sunday we were also blessed with wonderful weather.  It started off cool and breezy and then got a little cooler as clouds rolled in towards the end of our ride.  We even felt a few rain drops, but unfortunately we didn't get any real rain.

We rode most of the same sections as last week, but we did a little more doubling back and explored a couple of new areas.  It made for a longer ride and a whole lot less gravel.

Bear was also something of a champion trail horse on the ride.  He started off slow and sleepy, but before long he was power walking and alert.  He had no trouble staying in the back or the front, and when we rode by a pasture with a small herd of excited horses he was fine.  Later on we passed a couple strange horses on the trail and he just looked over at them and kept powering walking a long.

I think he was feeling really good and having fun.  The only thing this wasn't good for was when we decided to move out on the trail.  Bear was ready to TROT.  He had his big, floaty, dressage trot going, and he wanted to cover a lot of ground.  So I kind of had to rein him in a bit more than I wanted to at times.

Later on in the ride we were cruising down a grassy lane that was lined in large trees.  It was gorgeous.  I'll have to remember to get the camera out next time we go.  This time I was a little busy with Bear trying to trot away with me.  When I wouldn't let him, he decided to just pick up a lope.  It was a nice lope, at first.  Then he started to feel like he was running the quarter mile.  I had to work a little hard to bring him back to a walk.  Thankfully he was totally fine once we were walking again, even when we went by a yard full of huge, barking dogs.

I was definitely a little disappointed with how forward and chargey Bear was getting when we moved into the trot and lope, but in reality we haven't spent much time working in the faster gaits with wide open space in front of us.  So now I've got another thing to practice. 

Now that we've got some riders excited about going out, we are hoping we can keep these Sunday rides going.  And with the new route, we should be able to spend even more time in the trot and lope. It will be good for us.

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