Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Early Morning Tireds

Last time we got up early and headed out to the barn right away, I was the tired one.  This time, it was my horse.  I can only think that the two new young horses added to our herd last night kept Laredo up and playing all night long.

When we arrived everyone was in the far east section of the pasture grazing. When they saw us approaching, they quickly grouped up.  For quite a while they stared at us from the top of the hill, all ears pricked in our direction.

Finally Bear trotted down to see us.  He could tell we had his vitamins with us.  The nice thing about feeding the dominant horse in the pasture is you can just set the food down and be sure he is the one to get it.

I was able to halter Laredo while Robin grabbed Steen and all the other horses kind of danced and trotted around us.  Clearly everyone was still a little frisky.

We rode on the strip again.  Laredo's feet have fully chipped away and now look like he just got a trim.  Funny, I've never seen any of our other horse's hoofs do this.  The good news is they still aren't bothering him.  Nothing bothered him today.  Once he left the herd he just went on some kind of auto-pilot mode.  He did everything I asked of him, and he did it all moderately well; he was just exhausted.  He didn't have the mental engagement he had during the last two rides, and he was also physically tired.  He gave me a lot of shuffle trots and was much more inclined to drop out of the trot than usual.

Still, it is a good sign that he was still able to comply with all my requests even though he was tired and spacey.  We probably didn't make great progress on things today, but since we are in the stage of just working through the basics, I think it all adds up.

The funny thing is that once we finished the ride he went right back to being goofy and playful.  He is such a kid.

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