Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Little Break

Last week was a short one, but it was also unusually busy for both Robin and I.  And coming off the long weekend at the barn, we didn't end up going out to the barn at all.  This weekend we were also out of town, so the guys got a lot of rest.

It was nice to just get out and see everyone; they're all looking a little plump right now.  The grasses are long, and they were all hanging out in the low section of the pasture just eating.  We brought out Bear's vitamins as well as a new hoof supplement we're going to try on Laredo.  He's a little flat footed, and his front feet are somewhat tender. 

Bear and Steen came walking up to us right away, but Laredo was a little more hesitant.  Once I started feeding him his little pellets he was quite interested, though.  He couldn't get enough; he just kept trying to lick my hands.

Next week my work schedule changes and things should be a little more regular.  We've got our big trip to Colorado done with, and we should be able to just get into a great summer barn rhythm.  We've still got so much stuff to work on.

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