Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Three Horse Family

We've had a nice week with Meryl visiting.  She has had some good barn time on Steen and a little on Bear, too.  While we were giving Bear some rest, we also did a little horse shopping.

Like many horse people, I periodically look at what is for sale in the area.  For a couple of years I have seen nice looking Quarter Horses from a breeder not too far away from us.  Until now I've never had a reason to contact them, but on Tuesday we went out to see the farm.

They have a really cool operation with 3 studs, 8 brood mares, and a little over a dozen horses between the ages of 1 and 4.  We went out to look at a couple of started and unstarted three year olds.  We spent almost an hour hanging out with all the young ones in the pasture.  They are extremely friendly and well socialized, and almost all were quite soft moving off of pressure.

Based on the info we had, we were most interested in a red dun gelding, and as we played around with the herd, it became apparent that he was the best horse for what we were looking for.  He's about 14.2, but will most likely add an inch or two over the next year.  He's got a gorgeous head, straight legs, a nice flat back, and big, correct feet.  In terms of his personality, Robin described him as in between Steen and Bear.  He's got Steen's softness and energy, but he's also got Bear's intelligence and disinclination towards over-reacting.  I'm sure our assessment will change as we get to know him, though.

After lots of thinking and talking things over, we made an offer and worked out a deal.  He should be delivered early next week, and we can't wait.

The name they've been using for him, Major, is a shortened version of his registered name, but we are kicking around the idea of calling him Laredo.

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