Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday Ride

Today Robin turned 30.  I had to work for a little bit, but for the most part we had a long day of celebrating.  The afternoon was beautiful and we headed out to the barn to see the guys.

The exciting event of the ride was Robin trying out the new hackamore set up I got her.  It went much better than either of us thought.  Probably better than Steen initially thought it would go, too.

We started out with me getting some shots of Robin and Steen getting used to the new stuff.  She has a much bigger write up about it here, but I wanted to include a couple of my favorite shots.

Steen was so relaxed and responsive with the hackamore.  He looked like he had been wearing one for weeks.  And the really interesting thing was that he started to carry himself very differently.  His body was much more collected and poised.

Meanwhile, Bear and I had a very mediocre ride.  While I loved the fact that it got into the 60s that afternoon, Bear was left feeling super sluggish.  I couldn't quite get him out of it. 

At times, though, we did make some nice progress on all the things we were working on.  When we trotted in circles he was not very good at going in a circle, but he was much, much more responsive to my legs.  In general, he was very responsive to my legs, as there were a few moments he was distracted and I could just tip him back in the direction I wanted.  And at the walk he was again giving me the soft feel pretty quickly, and then when I would ask him to hold it for a count of 2, he was still very OK with it.  So I really can't complain too much.

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