Friday, November 11, 2011

Alone Again

It felt like a long week, and when Friday afternoon rolled around both Robin and I were quite tired.  As soon as I got home from work I dressed for the barn and started to go.  I knew if I sat I wouldn't make it out.  Robin was tied up in computer stuff and not feeling like a ride.  So it was just me going to the barn.

And it had been a long time.  I think we rode alone once in June.  Before that it was last fall.  I guess Robin and I are almost always going to the barn together.  It makes being there alone feel very different.  And it was super quiet, there was no one else there at all.

We tacked inside, and Bear was very attentive.  I guess he didn't have much to distract him so he was happy nuzzling me as I walked around and brushed him and picked his feet.  We also got new cinches this week.  All mohair.  I have been using a neoprene cinch that came with Steen over three years ago, so we have no idea how old it is.  It was a little too small for Bear and has since gotten pretty cracked.  He was very interested in this new mohair cinch; he couldn't stop flexing around to sniff at it.  I think it will be much more comfortable for him, too.

We rode out on the strip and worked on all our usual stuff.  Bear was mostly good, but he would get distracted by the herd if I rode closer to the winter lot.  Sometimes I worked him over there to force him to pay attention to me, and other times we worked at the far west end to give him a break from the distractions.

He was really good with his serpentines and soft feels and backs.  Not quite as good with trotting.  In the beginning he just kept picking up the trot.  I'd get a soft feel and bring him down, but he kept doing it and I decided to just trot him for a while.  He was not troubled by this at all.  They did have new bales out there, maybe he just had a lot of extra energy.

We rode until the sun was just about near the horizon and then went in.  It was really different to not have anything else going on during the ride.  A few times I missed having Robin there, because I couldn't ask her any questions.  But overall it was great to be alone with my horse.  And I was able to ask Robin all my questions over a beer after the ride.

The photos are from our shoot with the Dreschers.  I figure when I don't have photos from the day's ride I'll try to include some of these.  We've got hundreds.

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  1. I really like the "headless" picture. I mean really, it would be much better with you in it, but the color is good and Bear looked to be really thinking.

    Just glances back over some of your past posts. You have done so good with Bear.