Monday, August 29, 2011

He's Big Bear

He's iron tough.  Sort of.  At other times he's a big softy.  And he hates walking on gravel.  Still, the minute I learned his name was Bear, this song popped into my head.  We couldn't have written a better song for him.

Today's ride didn't really look like any of the above rides.  After all our long rides, the Bear was tired.  And sluggish.  Still, I wanted to get him out for some really easy walking around.  And I think his back felt better after the ride than it did before the ride.

We went back to the middle pasture and mostly just walked around.  Robin rode Steen a little bit harder, but we kept it very easy.  After a good long warmup we moved into a nice easy trot for a few minutes.  Then we walked a little more and called it a day.  After some days off I'm hoping he'll be ready to go again. 

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