Sunday, August 28, 2011

Group Riding

We got out for another ride with Gay on Doc today.  Again the weather was perfect, and the horses were just about perfect, too.  In fact, steady Doc had more startles than Bear or Steen.  To be fair, he was leading at that time.  And really, they were quite minor.

Bear seemed to be really happy to go out and about again.  Unfortunately, he was also quite tired.  I could feel that he did not have the normal spring in his step.  And when I asked for a trot, he gave me a lot of head shaking and did not move very comfortably.

So when the ride got hilly, I held Bear back and just hung out with him for a couple minutes.  He wanted to follow the other horses into the steeper hills, but I knew he would have hated actually going up and down those hills.

Robin and Doc were having a lot of fun, and they decided to do some long trots on the open strip.  I elected to sit out of these, too.  This time Bear figured out that he was getting the better deal, and he never once thought about going after the others.  He did look at them a bit, though.

We spent a few minutes grazing and just hanging out, and then we all set off for home together.  After we untacked and did some grooming I massaged Bear's back again.  There is one spot on his right side that feels like a pretty good sized knot.  At first it bothered him, but then he seemed to enjoy me working it out.  The knot felt much smaller when I turned him out.

In the last 5 days we got about 5 hours of riding in.  So I think we're all due for some light, easy rides and off days in the near future.

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