Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poor Bear

I went ahead and made him look like a fool in the hopes that he would be more comfortable.  I've mentioned before that he hates flies (with a passion), and he is always stamping away with his feet.  So much that his hind ankles have been swollen for weeks.  It makes me feel bad.  Thankfully they aren't super tender, and he hasn't showed anything close to lameness while we have been riding.  So I got him some fly boots to see if that would solve the problem.

And they look ridiculous.  Of course there were some solid ones available from other brands, but these got the best reviews.  I had my choice of plaids, including a pink plaid, but I thought a hunter plaid would be the least offensive.  It is hard to say whether or not I was right.  They do look bad.

After getting them on he was standing very comfortably if not somewhat stiffly.  When we started walking he was not too happy.  He tried kicking them off and jumping out of them a few times, but then he gave up and let me lead him to the pasture.

He would sometimes move a little awkwardly while playing with the herd, but by the time we were getting ready to leave he more or less looked comfortable in them.  I'm hoping these silly boots help with the discomfort he's been experiencing.  Time will tell.

Bear did feel a little bit better knowing that he wasn't the only ridiculous horse out there.  Some of the horses in other pastures have neon fly sheets and things like that.  But today Steen was having his own problems with floaty toys.  Right, like the kind you find in pools.  They have been there for a little while, but apparently he had not noticed them until today.  And it freaked him out a little.  More than a little.  I've seen him freaked out, but this was very odd.  Robin's got some interesting things to say about it, and a few goofy pictures of him getting over it, too.

Oh yeah, and we rode.  On the strip.  Bear and I mostly trotted.  Nothing exciting to say about that.  But we did spend a little time following the corn.  He improved with each passing in that he would stay closer and more parallel to the corn and also more relaxed.  And we had a couple of brief, but powerful and fast, lopes coming uphill on the strip.  I'm hoping to get to where we can easily move in and out of the lope up and down the whole strip.  I think we're almost there.

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