Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Visitors

Monday we had a gorgeous sunny day with bright blue skies.  The temps were warm, but not hot, and I didn't have to work.  Robin and I went out to the barn in the middle of the day to meet a couple friends of ours who rode their bikes out.  Steve and Cody have been curious about our horses since we got them, but we haven't been able to introduce them until now.

Neither one of them have any real horse experience, but they were happy to join in with the grooming.  Both our guys are super relaxed, and a good double grooming is one their favorite things.

Out on the strip Robin showed them some of the cool groundwork tricks that Steen knows, and I hopped on Bear and showed them all the gaits (well, not the gallop). Thankfully Bear gave me a wonderfully relaxed lope, so that was nice.

Then our visitors took off and we proceeded to have a regular ride.  Bear was excellent for almost the entire ride.  The only moment when he was "bad" occurred after we had all walked down the strip and were coming back up to the top.  Bear was shifting his body in every way possible to get behind Steen.  I wouldn't let him.  He wasn't unhappy about it, he just seemed confused, like that was the place he was really supposed to be.  So I took him out of that situation all together and turned him in a bunch of circles.

It was definitely an odd moment, but other than that, we had a great time.  He was leg yielding better than ever, and when I worked on pushing him out to the end of the strip without any company he was not nearly as weavy as he has been recently.

We did not ride very long.  I was excited about how well behaved Bear was, and Robin was having some stirrup issues (her new ones should be here any day now).  I suggested she hop on Bear and see how he feels.  She had never loped him before, so she decided to give it a go.

Bear was not excited when Robin got on.  He is used to her riding him only when he has been bad, but today he was good.  Nevertheless, he did not want to walk where she asked him to go.  So she just pushed him into the lope and he complied.  But he ran in the smoothest and smallest circles I've ever seen him lope.  They got bigger and more relaxed in time, but Robin didn't push him as it was getting to the hottest part of the day and we were all about done.

In the near future we will have to have some horse trade days.  I have not ridden Steen much at all.  And I don't think I've ridden his lope for two years now.

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