Friday, June 3, 2011

Good Gait Speeds

It was a hot Friday afternoon, and we almost didn't go to the barn.  I was really tired from a long week at work (even though it was actually only four days), but I figured I would probably just sit around the house if I didn't head out to see the horses.  So we went.  And we had a really good time.

We rode the guys in the pasture again, and they were both really good.  Bear and I spent some time following the fence to get warmed up.  Then we moved into some nice figure eights where I concentrated on turning him with one hand on the reins and leg cues.  He was very receptive to this.

Moving into the trot he was super smooth.  We went both directions, did figure eights, and even just toured the pasture with me picking whatever direction I wanted.  He never got ruffled or antsy to go faster.

I almost called it quits after half an hour as I was physically and mentally tired, but I decided since things were going so well I should give him a day where we lope for just a brief while and then calm things right back down.  So I asked for the lope going in a circle to the left.  He didn't pick it up right away.  I actually think he was so relaxed that my kiss startled him a bit, but he picked it up on the second ask.  It was smooth and relaxed and after just 30 seconds or so I brought him down to a nice trot and then to a walk.  It was are smoothest downward transition yet, and I think Bear really liked going fast for a few seconds and then stopping.
Bear's been getting increasingly affectionate lately.

After we put the guys back out to pasture we stopped by to say hello to Whisper.  He's almost a month old now and getting much bolder.  He does not appreciate people walking right up to him, but if you get within four or five feet and then look away, his curiosity gets the best of him and he walks right up to you.  I got in some good pets (and a little tug of war as he's not great at handling pressure just yet) and then we went home to enjoy some cool showers and cold beer.

Whisper was clearly not so worried about me that he couldn't check out the camera, too.

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