Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy to Be Home

Vacations are wonderful things, but I am always thrilled to come home again.  I suppose that is a good thing.

It is also interesting to ride other horses and then get back to the one you are most familiar with.  I haven't even had Bear a year yet, but he is by far the horse I am the most comfortable with, even compared to Steen, who I have been hanging out with for over 3 years.

And after a week of rest, Bear seemed very happy to hang out with me again, too.  He had some super crusty muck on both sides of his neck, so it no doubt helped that I solved that problem for him.  But he was also good with everything else.

After our leisurely tack up we took the guys to the strip.  Bear was extremely responsive.  He looked to every movement I made to see exactly what I wanted.  When we started trotting he moved into an extremely relaxed pace, but it was also full of strength and action.  I have never felt a horse underneath me with so much potential energy, yet also so willing to do what I asked.  I think it was a little hard on him, too.  He certainly felt good, and I could tell he was just hoping I would let him run, but I was really tired from all the traveling and kind of just wanted to have an easy ride.  Once we went back to walking around Bear was super content.

Despite the easy ride, he was still inclined to doze a little at the hitching post.  So I got a good side-shot of him.  He put on a little bit of weight in the week off, but I think it was all good weight.  He actually looked a little skinny last Thursday, and I think this more moderate bulk suits him nicely.

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