Monday, May 2, 2011

Four in a Row

And I have nothing exciting to report.  It was a cool, sunny, breezy day, and Bear was really good.  Except we were both tired.

We mostly just walked and trotted around the strip for close to an hour.  Sometimes we would stand for awhile to watch Robin or the delivery of a new Arab out of a huge transport truck.  That proved to be rather uneventful.  Which is a good thing.

For the most part Bear's trot was very good, but occasionally it would get choppy and erratic.  This was happening more on the downhill than the up.  Today I used an old saddle pad because Robin decided to try her saddle again (which we know is not a good fit for Steen), and I encouraged her to use the nice pad.  I'm not sure if the old pad was bothering Bear or not, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't helping anything.

He was responsive for a large part of the ride, but in the second half he got kind of lethargic.  I can't really blame him as I was also feeling just plain tired.  I'm not sure I've ridden a horse four days in a row before.  My hips and legs were more than a little sore from being pushed into that saddle position.  Still, in the end we came around, and in the last few minutes he was paying extremely close attention to me.  When we were cooling down I asked him to walk a ways down the strip, away from Steen, and past the cones we had been using.  He looked around a little initially, but then he just resigned himself to going where I pointed.  When we turned back he was still just paying very close attention to me; he wasn't thinking about rushing back or anything.  It felt great.

After the ride we did some slow grooming at the hitching post and watched the new Arab meet the stall horse herd.  There was some momentary excitement with 2 year old Caboose, but that horse is exciting even when he's by himself.  Bear was dozing while I leaned over him and watched the horses, and he didn't seem to care what was going on at all.

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