Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Still on Steen

Finally we're having some great weather this spring.  We had temps in the 60s, a light north wind, and some nice, fluffy, white clouds.

But we rode inside anyways.  Since we didn't ride a ton this winter I don't feel like I'm in a super hurry to get outside.  Feeling comfy in the saddle with a roof over our heads is just fine by me.

Today I rode Steen while Robin continued to check out Bear.  She'll have a bigger write up on things, but we're getting closer to just thinking he's a butthead who is smart enough to take advantage of my horsey insecurities.

Steen, on the other hand, feels no reason to think for himself or take advantage at all.  Sometimes he will choose to not think and throw in a spook or bolt, but those have been getting increasingly rare.  And today he was great.

We started by walking around for a bit, working through some simple patterns while he threw in some huge yawns and tried to wake up. After some time we moved into trotting and he was back to the super slow pace where I sometimes can't tell if he's walking or trotting.  The last two times we rode (one of which I did not blog about) he had a very erratic trot.  Not so today.  Robin said it was us getting used to each other again.  Definitely so.  I think the warm weather might have played a part, too.

As we trotted on the rail we would work on walk/trot transitions and the occasional stop/trot/stop transitions, which he was not quite as good at.  That is probably why I didn't work on them much, even though I know for that very reason it would be good to work on it more.

When Bear and Robin were done (Bear was cleaner and Robin didn't use a saddle, so they got quite the head start), Steen and I used the whole arena to trot some nice figure eights.  He was really good at this, in the beginning.  Then he would get slightly erratic and maybe a tad flustered.  After we got things under control again, I cooled him down.  I think he was just warm and tired.  He hasn't been getting many rides in that are an hour long.

Steen has been great fun, but I will be looking forward to getting back on the Bear.  I just need to learn how to make him work a little more.  It should be doable.  Hopefully in the next few days we'll get back together.  Robin would like one more ride with the saddle just to cover all the different variables.

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