Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Little Break

After quite a few weeks of more riding, I took it easy this past week.  The weather was cold and wet, so it made it easy for me to stay home, drink tea, and read books.  Yesterday Bear got some work done on him by the chiropractor.  I was at work so Robin was there to hold him.  He was quite the pill for her, but she made him sorry for his actions with some groundwork and demanding backing to the pasture (yeah, they pretty much walked backwards the whole way to the pasture).

Today the horses were out in the middle pasture enjoying some grass.  When I walked through the gate Bear seemed pretty excited to see me.  He didn't come to me (he never does), but he did stop eating and eagerly watched me approach.  He was happy to be haltered and had almost an energetic walk.

As the guys are still shedding a ton we spent a lot of time grooming them outside.  There were two people riding in the arena at the time, so we weren't in any hurry.  And both the guys love the new hitching post, so it is easy to spend a lot of time there.

When we went to ride things were still a little bit busy in the arena as one rider was on a rather green four year old with her very nice dog following her around.  Also there was a new tractor in the arena.  But both Bear and Steen were remarkably calm.  Bear has been a little challenging recently, but today he was extremely willing to move in any way I asked him.  I was a little worried he would get impatient with the young mare and try to move her, but he continually looked to me for guidance.  It felt nice.

After the young horse left the arena we started trotting.  I kept Bear on a very loose rein almost the entire time.  He is getting better at understanding that the trot can be smooth and comfortable (I'm sure he's also getting more fit and I'm getting better at riding his trot).  We spent quite a bit of time trotting today.  At times he would turn sharply and drop it, but he always picked it right back up.  I kind of wanted to trot more, but as he just got wrenched around yesterday I decided to keep it light and we finished the ride off by working on some simple patterns at the walk.

When we finished the ride we took them out to the strip for a little more grooming and grazing.  This was the only time we brought the camera out.

Perhaps tomorrow will be a nice day and we can actually ride them on the strip.  You never know with April in Iowa.

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