Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Beautiful Day on the Strip

Of course, much of the beauty came before and after the barn.  Robin and I had our usual relaxing morning before turning to some basement work and flower shopping to spruce up the front of the house.  We then moved on to a wonderful French crepe shop downtown and then stopped at my favorite establishment, the library. The day ended with a tasty dinner, and now I sit here blogging with a fine single malt to end the day.

In the afternoon we ventured out to the barn via some clients/friends of Robin's.  He had recently sold his horse and had some old tack lying around that we might be interested in.  We ended up getting a nice leather headstall with a full cheek copper snaffle and a very gentle curb.  I'm quite curious to see how Bear goes in a curb, so I'll try that in the near future.

At the barn things were fairly quiet except for the house construction that has been going on.  As it was a nice day, we kept the guys outside the whole time, and they didn't mind the noise at all.  We groomed at the hitching post and then took them over to the strip.  Yesterday we grazed there, but neither I nor Robin had ridden on the strip since my bad fall in early November.  It felt good to be back, and Steen and Bear seemed fine with it, too.

Bear was a little half snorty and wary of things in the beginning, but he didn't feel edgy at all.  So we just kept up our normal warm up and then moved on into some trotting.  This went quite well.  I've been keeping him on a very loose rein and only collecting him every once in a while.  Today might have been our longest trotting session yet, and he really relaxed into things.  But at times he would get a little lofty and jackhammery, but it never lasted.

When we were trotting in circles, though, he started dropping the trot while going to the right.  I kept at it for a while, but he kept dropping it.  I thought he might be tired and feeling lazy, so I went back to the left, but there wasn't really a problem that direction.  So we tried right again and he was inclined to drop it.

His body language was so relaxed the whole time, and he never acted like he was uncomfortable.  But I really think something was giving him a little pinch, or something.  I decided not to push it as the chiro said to give him a couple of easy walk/trot days after her work on Friday (of course, all we've been doing is easy walk/trot days).  So we cooled down and he went back to being very light and responsive.  After I got off and went through some bending exercises Robin was amazed at how keyed into me he was.  Hopefully that shows that he wasn't just trying some butthead, Bear antics.

We let the guys graze for awhile on the strip and then turned them back out to the pasture.  I'm very excited to keep working on things outdoors, and hopefully May is a teeny bit drier than April has been.

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