Monday, January 31, 2011

A Boo Boo

Sometime over the weekend Bear got a good sized scratch (or a small cut, if you prefer) on the back of his left hind leg.  We checked it out on Sunday, and he was a very good patient.

Today we drove out to make sure the bandage was still there and that nothing had gotten any worse.  We found him on the leeward side of a bale, right next to a huge hole in the hay where his head could fit nicely.  He was excited for the halter (I'm sure the sideways snow had a something to do with that) and showed no problems walking on the icy sections in the pasture.

In the barn he stood nicely while we brushed him off and made sure the bandage was still intact.  It was.

And that was pretty much it.  He could have probably used a little bit of groundwork, but we didn't want to get any sand in the bandage or stress his leg in anyway.  So back to the bale we brought him.

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