Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Won't Stand For It

That is what Bear told me when we tried to ride in a new location yesterday. A big, noisy, fertilizing machine was driving through the soybean field rendering that a useless riding space for the time being and making the strip a less attractive place to be on a horse. So Robin and I decided to check out the nice big grassy section on the west side of the barn.

The guys were a little snorty on the way over. Steen settled down almost right away, but Bear could not handle the cows in the nearby trees, all the stall horses hanging out by the fence and watching him, and he probably just didn't like the tractor noise, either. And I guess he decided he just wouldn't stand for it.

It was kind of funny, really, because I think of Bear as a champion stander. It is what he does best. But all horses get nervous and antsy, so it was interesting to see Bear's more fidgety side. We did eventually get over it after quite a few minutes of circles and figure eights and one rein stops.

By that time the truck was done fertilizing and we still wanted to ride. We weren't excited to take them into a recently fertilized field (who knows what chemical disasters could be there?), so we just did some relaxing walking on the strip and really concentrated on the steep hill at the far end. That all went really well.

We ended the day with chopped hay and stretching. Bear was super into the stretching today. He was very relaxed, and his range of motion was significantly better than it has been. That is a really good sign; I think we'll just keep doing what we're doing to keep him getting back into shape slowly. So far it seems to be working.

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