Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Horse

This afternoon was the first time I climbed on Bear in 11 days. The first thing I noticed is that he is considerably wider. Like Bear I'm prone to some tight hips, and today he was really stretching me out.

But his growth is good growth. He is not getting fatter. In fact, his belly has been looking trimmer and trimmer. Instead he is putting on some really nice muscles through the shoulders, back, and who knows where else. He's just an all around stocky guy. I forgot the camera today, but I'll update a monthly side shot this weekend as I've now had him 2 months.  That was the same amount of time I had Sham, but these past two months have felt drastically different. In a good way.

Today was a nice easy ride. It was the first real cool day of fall. The morning was windy and cloudy, but right before we left for the barn the sun started to come out. It helped, but it was nothing like the Arizona sun we just got a little used to.

So we didn't ride long. My hips were actually getting a little fatigued from the stretch (I'll have to work on that), and my hands were getting cold. So the four of us just did some light work around the cones and walked up and down the strip. Bear was really good for all of it. He was quiet and his stops were prompt. He was backing nicely and paying a lot of attention to me (except for one period during our figure eights, I don't know what he wanted to pay attention to there, but it wasn't me).

This weekend we'll be sure to get back out for some more interesting rides. Although I'm a little disappointed they tilled up the soybean field, that takes away our close to home trail ride.

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