Monday, September 27, 2010

Grazing and Grooming

And a little riding afterwards, too. When Robin and I pulled Bear and Steen out of the pasture both the guys were quite ravenous. Saturday had been a chilly and wet day, plus the grasses just aren't coming up like they do in the middle of the summer.

Despite it being a Sunny Sunday afternoon with no wind and temps in the mid 60s, the barn was empty. So we took our time and just slowly groomed them while they grazed on the long grass in the airlock.

After the slow start we went out to the strip. Bear was a little tired and sluggish at first, but he is bending to his right side really well. We even did some tight corkscrewing in that direction, and he never showed any discomfort. From there we moved on to trotting. e is having more and more fun with the trot and getting increasingly relaxed. We finished off with a few more simple circle exercises and called it a day.

I rewarded Bear for the good ride with a brand new fly-mask. It is a nice, supple mask with a forelock hole and no animal prints. He seemed to like it just fine.


  1. The Crusader, nice. I've been thinking about getting that one (possibly with ears) when my current fly mask bites the dust. You'll have to let me know how it holds up.

  2. So far it is holding up really nicely. I like it much better than the Super Masks, and I think Bear does, too. The material around the edges is very soft and supple, but at the same time I don't get the impression that it is flimsy.

    Robin is thinking of getting one for Steen sometime in the future. So we'll definitely let you know how they hold up over time.